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Robin is 13 years old.

Robin Arellano was the best friend of Finney, and the Fifth of the Grabber's victims.


Robin was a boy of Mexican descent who moved to Denver, Colorado, where he met and quickly became best friends with Finney Blake. Sometime before 1976, he lost his father in the Vietnam War. He was great at martial arts and would often spend time with his Tió (Uncle), going to drive-ins with him.

In the morning that Finney and Gwen are walking to school, Robin is seen starting a fight with Moose. It was witnessed by the Blake siblings and some students from his school. The Grabber's van is seen passing by. Gwen later mentions the fight, saying that Moose deserved it since he had caused harm to Finney before. Robin was considered the strongest boy in school, as former bully Vance Hopper was taken in by The Grabber the year prior.

Later, Robin goes to the bathroom to wipe Moose's blood off his hands and comes across school bullies Matt, Buzz, and Matty making fun of Finn. Soon after, Robin defends him, threatening the trio and saying that if they ever 'fucked with Finn again' he would 'fuck with them'. Shortly after, he and Finney talk about movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Enter the Dragon, which were off-limits to minors, but they both liked those movies. Robin asks Finn if he could come by to help understand his Math assignments . Robin also tells Finn that one day he will have to stand up for himself.


Robin's disappearance poster

Robin's Disappearance Poster.

On November 9, 1978[1], Robin was walking past an establishment, (presumably to get snacks for himself and Finney since he was scheduled to tutor Robin with math.) when a black van was waiting for him. The Grabber is seen exiting the van. Robin was placed in the soundproof basement by The Grabber and was subsequently killed by him. Later that night, Terrence is tipped off about Robin's disappearance. A search is carried out by the police in the regions of the city, but without leads.

Days later, the bullies take advantage of Robin's disappearance to go back to bullying Finn and his sister Gwen.

After his death

The ghost boys

Robin's Ghost, alongside the other victims of The Grabber

Robin's ghost remained in The Grabber's basement. During Finn's kidnapping, Robin manages to talk to him over the phone and encourages him not to give up on the idea of filling the phone with dirt and teaches him to strike. After that, he tells Finn that it was now up to him and that if he couldn't do it for himself, let him do it for him and show him that he didn't die for nothing.

Robin's ghost is seen by Gwen alongside the other victims of The Grabber, in which they make her stop in front of the house where they were all buried.

In the end, Robin's voice is heard by The Grabber along with his previous victims. He says he couldn't kill him, but Finney would do it for him.


  • He was the fifth victim of The Grabber (Before him was Bruce Yamada).
  • His date of birth can be seen on his disappearance poster.
  • He possibly was the only one that fought the grabber back (before Finney)
  1. Robin Arellano Missing Poster

    Robin Arellano's Missing Poster